1960                                      Purchase of Underwater View Lots

                                                Along Bridgeway, from Trident to Richardson


1966                                      Sybrian Sea Lion Sculpture

                                                Cast in bronze; Sausalito Waterfront


1968 – current                      The Art Collection in City Hall

       Ongoing acquisition of works by Sausalito

       Artists supported by the sale of sea lion replicas  


1985                                      Sally Stanford Drinking Fountain

                                                 Leland Drinking Fountain for dogs

                                                 Downtown Ferry Landing


1987                                      Whale & Pelican Metal bas relief

                                                 Robin Sweeny Park, City Hall


1996                                      Bolinar sculpture and landscaping

                                                 Napa Street at Bridgeway


2003                                      Refurbished the Elephants and Fountain

                                                  Downtown Vina del Mar Plaza


2004                                      Sea Lion

                                                     Rescued and restored after major winter storm     


2005                                      Renew historic lights on public steps

                                                 Tiffany Park, Bridgeway


2012 – current                      Ice House Plaza, exterior refurbishment and

                                                landscaping in coordination with Sausalito            

                                                Historical Society.  Bridgeway at Bay Street


 2013                                   Founding Members bench

                                                Replaced bench and added brass plaque with Co-Founder, Donald Duncan's name.

                                                Bridgeway at Richardson Street


2016 – current                    Jean Varda Mosaic. 
                                                 Repair and Restore.

                                                Marinship Park


FUTURE                            The Poet’s Bench



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